About Us

About Us

My name is Kyle Catling and I’ve been in the drywall trade for 17 years and counting. I started my career in Windsor Ontario working for the union, local 494. From there I moved to Fort McMurray spending close to 3 years building the city, houses and working in the industrial sector in the oil sands.

While in Fort McMurray, I met so many trades men and women from around the world. That’s when I decided to create Drywall Junkies / Steel Stud Addicts. I wanted to create a discussion group that would allow the experience and knowledge that I’ve gained and the experience that many others have gained in their years in the field to be shared easily across the world.

Drywall Junkies Is a global movement within the construction industry that started 2010 in Calgary, AB. We take pride with everything we do. From hanging sheets to framing technically designed features for clients. We are pushing forward to innovating the drywall and steel framing world one member at a time. Our members are located around the world which shows what community can do for our craft.

I now reside in Calgary AB, where I continue to work on building the group up through always treating our members with respect.

Now with 40,000 members and growing we have made progress with just that!

Founded 2010
41 K + Private Facebook Group Members

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