A community blog that is dedicated to sharing tips and tricks from drywall trade professionals.

The community blog was created to share tips and tricks discovered within the Facebook group Drywall Junkies. Whether you are a part of the @Drywall Junkies private Facebook group, or not, popular trade tricks will be discussed in the blogs. Our goals for the community blog is to benefit all tradespeople in the field with helpful drywall life-hacks. Frequently check the Drywall Junkies community blog for new posts.

The Drywall Junkies Swag welcome rundown

The Drywall Junkies Swag rundown Welcome to the Drywall Junkies Website! Get a fix of this swag! What started off as a Facebook group has become a community full of individuals who are passionate about Drywall. Drywall Junkies is a community full of support, jokes, tips, tricks and

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Drywall Junkies private Facebook group

If you are not part of the Drywall Junkies private Facebook group join today! Our group actively accepts members who are tradespeople. Being part of our group gives you access to countless tips and tricks about being in the field. In addition, endless support from individuals located across the entire world. This international group is continuously growing, and it’s exciting to know that there is a lot in store in the future. Stay tuned Drywall Junkies because we don’t plan on slowing down any time soon!

We hope that the community blogs listed above expose you to new information that you did not know before. These blogs are the window to what the Facebook private group offers, and so if you enjoy what you read you will definitely enjoy the environment of the group. The individuals in our group help each other out when it comes to work within the trade. Drywall Junkies is all about encouragement and support amongst the growing group of professional trades workers worldwide. Join our movement if you like having a laugh here and there, and enjoy learning hidden tricks from professionals in the drywall trade. To join you have to prove you are a professional in the drywall trade.