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Kayla Sullivan – Beckett

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Company Name – One Chick Taper and Company

I got into the trades when I was a kid, my dad was a carpenter, floor installer so I always tried to help him on any jobs I could growing up. After graduating highschool with honours I went onto attend Algonquin college wood trades program. During that time I got a full time job as a drywall taper. Realizing how much I enjoyed my taping job I dropped out of college to become a full time taper. My first 5 years as a taper I worked in Ottawa. Over the years I needed a change in life. So took a risk and I moved to Edmonton, to be with my husband Chris. He works in drywall and already knew a lot of drywall companies. He helped get my foot in the door with knowing where to find work and who not to work for. I teamed up and got to work with some of the best drywall tapers I knew to help teach myself new things, as I was a hand taper but was eager to learn more about the machines. Making the transition wasn’t easy but over time I learned the machines, I opened my own company “One Chick Taper and Company” I have hired and have worked with a lot of female and male tapers in the last 10 years while in Edmonton. Always trying new things, new tools, new processes to make my job easier on myself as I do a lot of big custom homes by myself and sometimes with a team depending on people’s availability these days lol. We moved back to Ontario a few years ago, bringing back all that skill and knowledge. Our hard work and dedication to our job has created a lot of buzz in our area. My husband and his crew board the house and I tape them. We are so busy but we have a hard time finding anyone to work, there’s a real shortage in trade workers.

I joined the Drywall Junkies group in 2017 to share some pictures of my work. It didn’t take long for social media to take off. I got noticed by a few drywall tool companies as I posted pictures of my work and videos of me running my taping tools. I’ve been blessed to work with so many drywall tool companies from all around the world since 2018 through social media when I created the taping queen. Getting a few companies sponsor myself, getting the opportunity to try and test new tools or be part of a field testing team to try tools before they even hit the market. I still can hardly believe that I went from posting on the junkies group to becoming an advocate for women in drywall. I attended the INTEX expo in Maryland,DC with Canam Tools. I had a few articles written about my journey into the trades, how I got into drywall to becoming my own female drywall company helping pave a path for other men and women to join the trades. I’ve attended a women in drywall conference in Chicago at Trim Tex, where we got to speak to all the women in the factory about my experiences and I got to hear about some of their experiences. It’s never easy in the trades, no matter your gender. It’s a tough world but all I can say is keep going push yourself, take that risk, cause if you want something bad enough you’ll do whatever it takes to make it. Social media can be rough at times. But sometimes it’s as easy as showing a few pictures of your work on social media to get you noticed.

I’ve learned so much from members of the Drywall Junkies group helping give me tips and teaching me little tricks.

Founded December 2011
3 Employees


One Chick Taper and Co. originated in Edmonton Alberta, but is now based out of Ottawa Ontario.

Drywall Junkies member since February 2017

Favorite SWAG – The black Drywall Junkies T-Shirt is my current favorite… but as soon as I get my hands on a pink Drywall Junkies T-Shirt, that will be my favorite!

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