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Tanner Williams

Tanner’s History

I first got into the trade in July of 2018. After working for 4 months as a laborer, my employer gave me the opportunity to apprentice under a journeyman with more than 40+ years in the business. I got to work with him for a few years before he retired April 2021.

Through my employer, I met the creator of Drywall Junkies and I found out about the Facebook Group (obviously I joined the group as soon as I was informed)! Now, these days we still get to work together, even though he now owns his own drywall/framing company. Life is sweet man! In the beginning of my career I didn’t like drywalling, but now I guess you could say I don’t mind it!

Calgary, Alberta

Drywall Junkies member since September 2018

Favorite SWAG – My orange Drywall Junkies T-Shirt

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