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Udo Hughes


Udo’s History

Company name – Cincinnati Interiors ltd.

I’ve been in the Drywall Industry since 1983, I originally started out as a metal stud framer and sheet rocker. I then moved on to exterior framing around 1986 and around 1995 I graduated to being a specialty design ceiling installer (not just grid, all the cool stuff). I worked many side jobs throughout the years doing hanging and framing to keep all of my skills up. I’ve always loved and especially enjoy doing the specialty projects.

In 2013 my proudest day was having my son start working alongside me. Being able to teach him my trade, the tricks of the trade and being to hang with him and get that quality time together was the highlight of my life. Tragically I lost my son to suicide a year later. Apparently in this industry there are a lot of lost souls out there. Rather than shrivel up and go away I decided to be a positive influence to those in mental health need and other problems.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention became my passion.

The Drywall Junkies Facebook group seemed like a good platform to get my message about life out there in an attempt to reach as many people as I could.

Love life. 😎👽❤️

16 Employees

Cincinnati Ohio

Drywall Junkies member since January 2018

Favorite SWAG – The Drywall Junkies hoodie

Website: Cincinnati Interiors
Facebook: Cincinnati Interiors

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