The Drywall Junkies Swag welcome rundown

The Drywall Junkies Swag rundown

Welcome to the Drywall Junkies Website! Get a fix of this swag!

What started off as a Facebook group has become a community full of individuals who are passionate about Drywall. Drywall Junkies is a community full of support, jokes, tips, tricks and a place where tradespeople can confide and share their personal stories.

Drywall Junkies is a global movement within the construction industry that started in 2010 in Calgary, AB. We take pride in everything we do."

So why start a merchandise line?

Over the years, Founder Kyle Catling received many requests from Drywall Junkies group members about selling  Drywall Junkies merchandise. From this moment Kyle realized the community he created when he initially launched the Drywall Junkies Facebook group. The requests and questions about merchandise didn’t stop, in fact, these questions only got more common. Tradespeople around the world wanted swag that represented the drywall community they are apart of. 

So, a few meetings and discussions later a plan was set to launch Drywall Junkies Swag. 

Drywall Junkies Swag was created for the tradespeople, for the drywall enthusiasts, but most importantly, for the hardworking men and women posting in the Drywall Junkies Facebook group. Drywall Junkies Swag is for this growing community. Something that started as small as a simple Facebook group – initially created to share tips, tricks and advice – has grown into a worldwide digital community of support. 

How can I join this global movement?

If you are passionate about construction work and are a tradesperson in the industry of drywall join our Facebook group @DrywallJunkies. This is the main location where we as a community share tips and tricks about the industry. We also share stories about our own experiences in the field. The Drywall Junkies Facebook group is honestly embodies what a digital community is, and we are so proud of that.  

The Drywall Junkies community is bad-ass, and we appreciate all 41,000 of you and counting. Show your love for our community and post a picture of you wearing your Drywall Junkies Swag when you receive it in the mail. Give @DrywallJunkies a tag and your photo will be shared to our social media channels.